How to get your Cricket fix during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has ravaged the world, halting mass gatherings, shutting down schools and quarantining millions of people in their homes. From a sporting perspective, this also means that there are no live sports until further notice, due to COVID-19 and people are understandably worried as to how they will get their sporting fixes. We have developed comprehensive guides for all you sports fans. This edition is an all things cricket guide!


Before we kick-off though, for all the latest accurate, fact-based and critical updates on COVID-19, visit the website of the World Health Organization (WHO). You can also visit other fact-based websites such as The Conversation and John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus map to read and stay up-to-date on the latest regarding the pandemic.

In an attempt to make a positive situation out of the negative, we bring you a list of things to fill your days, be it in self-isolation, quarantine or more time at home, without live cricket. So, even though you may not be able to put on your pads and go out for a bat, or turn on the TV and witness some mouth-watering yorkers, the Sportageous Editorial team brings you a range of cricket books, movies, documentaries, games, podcasts and YouTube and Social media channels to satisfy your cricket cravings.


Here are some of our all-time favourite cricket books, which you can spend your time reading through:

The Taliban Cricket Club by Timeri N Murari
 The Taliban Cricket Club - Timeri N Murari

This is the story of Rukhsana, a young woman whose dreams are being crushed by the Taliban. Their plan to introduce cricket to Afghanistan provides her with a chance for freedom.

Beyond a Boundary by CLR James
Beyond a Boundary - CLR James

CLR James tells the story of his favourite sport, the players he loved and knew very well and explores the game’s psychology while addressing the issues of class, race and politics that encompassed the sport.

Coming Back To Me by Marcus Trescothick

Marcus Trescothick - Coming back to me

A memoir of one of the best batsman in the game and his story on his struggles with mental health issues during his career.

A Corner of a Foreign Field by Ramachandra Guha
Ramachandra Guha - A corner of a foreign field, another great COVID-19 read

A beautifully written historical account of cricket in Indian and cricket on the Indian subcontinent.

The Unquiet Ones by Osman Samiuddin
The Unquiet Ones - Osman Samiuddin

A look at the history of Pakistan cricket, by famed Pakistani writer, Osman Samiuddin.

SPECIAL MENTION: Imran Khan by Christopher Sandford

Imran Khan book - The Biography for COVID-19

There are very few cricketers who have influenced the world inside and outside the sport of cricket as much as this man. This is his story, long before he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Looking for something just as insightful but without the commitment? Well, we have the finest documentaries for you:

The Edge

The Edge documentary COVID-19

This is test cricket like you’ve never seen it before. Captain Andrew Strauss and coach Andy Flower took over a team including some of the true greats of the English game and transformed them into a phenomenal winning machine before the pressure and scrutiny began to fracture mind, body and soul.

Death of a Gentleman

Death of a Gentleman

Two cricket journalists set off on a journey to the heart of the game they love, only to stumble upon one of the biggest sporting scandals ever. This is a film about passion, greed, power and standing up for what you care about.

The Test

Amazon the Test

Amazon’s latest cricket edition. A documentary series on the Australian men’s cricket team after the recent infamous scandle!

Beyond The Boundaries: Channel 7

Aussie womens cricket COVID-19

The two-part documentary that features a behind-the-scenes look at the Aussie Women’s Cricket Team on their successful Ashes campaign in the winter of November 2019

Sachin: A Billion Dreams

sachin tendulkar india COVID-19

The story of the ‘Little Master’, covering several aspects of his career and his story outside of the sport.

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You might feel like watching something fictional or live-action on the sport you love. Here’s a set of movies that will surely keep you busy and entertained:

Lagaan (Taxes)

Lagaan cricket COVID-19

When it comes to cricket movies, it is hard to match this classic from Bollywood. Not only did it win several accolades around the world, but it was nominated for an Academy Award in the ‘Best Foreign Film’ category in 2002.

‘During the British Raj, a farmer named Bhuvan accepts the challenge of Captain Andrew Russell to beat his team in a game of cricket and enable his village to not pay taxes for the next three years.’


Iqbal cricket

Another highly popular and critically acclaimed Bollywood movie, Iqbal is the story of ‘a young speech-and-hearing-impaired man has a dream to play cricket for his country. However, his father is set against it. Through the help of his resourceful sister he finds a coach and mentor.’


Hansie: Movie on Hansie Cronje, disgraced cricket

The story of the once-popular turned infamous cricketer. A South African production about the story of Hansie Cronje.

‘A South African cricket hero must rebuild his life after he confesses his involvement in a shocking scandal.’

Kai Po Che! (The Kite has been cut!)

Kai Po Che cricket COVID-19

A story of  ‘three friends [who] start an academy to train budding cricketers. But to realise their goals in a turbulent city, they must face earthquakes, religious disparities, politics and riots.’ Another entry on this list from Bollywood. Highly entertaining and worth your time!

Million Dollar Arm

Million Dollar Arm - Cricket Baseball

A unique entry on the list. A Hollywood movie that brings cricket and baseball together following the story of “J.B. Bernstein (Jon Hamm), who, in a last-ditch effort to save his career as a sports agent,  plans to find baseball’s next star pitcher. He heads to India to find a cricket player whom he can nurture into a major league star.”


When it comes to games, Cricket is one of those fortunate sports with a range of console/PC and phone games to help you feel like you’re in it to win it:

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 Ashes Cricket

The latest edition in a long list of Ashes games. Unlike its predecessors that range from phenomenal to terrible, this is a solid game in cricket’s journey on the consoles.

Stick Cricket Super League

Stick cricket Super League

The mobile favourite has gone SUPER! You can download it now, although we will add that it is one of those ‘freemium’ games

Brian Lara Cricket 99 (Shane Warne cricket 99)

Brian Lara cricket

An all-time classic! If you can get your hands on the original Playstation or find a copy of this game for your PC, we suggest getting onto it!

Real Cricket 20

One of the finest mobile apps in the market at the moment!

Ashes Cricket

Another decent Ashes game available on your favourite console!

YouTube Channels

Of course, watching highlights, short videos and compilations of some of the best cricket content, from training to techniques and tactics can be found on our friendly neighbourhood video service, YouTube:


The YouTube channel of, one of the most popular cricket websites in India.


Rob Moody’s hobby has seen his YouTube channel total over 651 million views worldwide, however, he is now locked in a David & Goliath battle with Cricket Australia who have issued him with 23 copyright notices.


This YouTube channel definitely needs no introduction!

The CA’s YouTube channel, take a deep dive into all the player’s stories, cricket highlights and more!

England & Wales Cricket Board

The ECB’s YouTube channel, take a deep dive into all the player’s stories, cricket highlights and lots more!

Social Media Channels

They may not be providing you with live updates (for obvious reasons), but here are some awesome Social media channels to check out on cricket:

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Who’s is the best? Wicket Keepers don’t have an easy job, they are expected to catch everything because they are wearing gloves! Catches like these can change games, they can uplift a team, but also see a pivotal player dismissed. Turning these half chances into wickets helps win games. Wicket Keeping is such an impressive skill, these players show us the importance of being agile and having the ability to dive both left and right. Technique is very important in order to take catches like this. 1. Always set yourself when the ball is bowled, this means you are ready to move both left and right, and also stay still. 2. Keeping low is crucial, try to come up with the bounce of the ball, don’t stand too tall as you’ll find it difficult to get down to low catches. 3. Watch the ball into your gloves while keeping your head as still as possible. 4. Nail your landing: @mahi7781 & @sarfaraz54 extend their arm out while they land, while, @qdk_12, @josbuttler & @shaidhope all roll over their shoulders to break the fall, this allows them to soften the landing so they can control the ball in their hand, as their elbow does not hit the ground and cause the ball to bounce out. Remember, when the ball is to the side of you, and out of reach, push your head towards the ball, as the dive is caused by you overbalancing, and then jumping towards the ball. Practice on a soft surface to start, learn how to roll/dive without hurting yourself first to build up confidence, then progress onto grass. Many thanks to the ICC for the use of their footage. ??

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