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Article Writing Guidelines

1. Does your topic meet the focus and aims of Sportageous?
2. Is the word count between 800-1300 words?
3. Remember to check the spelling, punctuation and grammar.
4. Remember to include hyperlinks to all claims and names.
5. Does your article comply with the values of Sportageous?
6. Has your submission been published elsewhere?
7. Add a title, summary and keywords.
8. Don't forget to include a short biography and a photo of yourself.​

Sportageous requirements

Sportageous focuses on 5 key sports – Football (soccer), cricket, tennis, climbing and Squash. Please make sure your submission focuses on one of these sports


Always provide links and references (to primary sources or legitimate institutions/organisation) to provide a fact check to any claims or quotes. We would also appreciate it if you could hyperlink any less-known names or organisations.


We receive a large number of submissions, so contributors who provide a clean copy will not only save us time but will receive priority for publication.

Title, summary and keywords or tags

The provision of a title and a summary is the best way to pitch your story to us. (Note: titles and summaries supplied by you are working titles only, and will likely not be used if the piece is published.

Please provide a list of keywords, terms, phrases, real names, places and so on, however this is not a priority. Known as "search engine optimisation" (SEO), this helps direct traffic to your article from search engines like Google.

Sending format

Please make sure that the submission does not have any major formatting, nor does it consist of any page numbers or page breaks
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