Sportageous and Bullpen to jointly Collaborate on Content and Editorials

Independent media publications Sportageous and Bullpen have joined up to collaborate on editorial projects by tackling some shared subjects and interviewees in their unique styles and approaches to give greater coverage to the domestic and international sporting ecosystem.

Bullpen and Sportageous partnership announcement.

We’ve left it to the founders of the respective companies to give their thoughts on the partnership.

Bullpen’s Clint Vojdinoski said: “Alongside Zushan, Furqan, Hassaan and the Sportageous team, I feel we share similar ideas and values telling stories on the uncovered or emerging aspects of the sporting ecosystem.

“While we are tackling the same subjects through our unique lenses, our aims are mutual, treat sports and sporting subjects with positivity, purpose and sensibility.

“We’ll start with tackling individual stories and in the future, we’ll look to explore co-produced series of content.

“I’m excited by telling and uncovering unique stories on the people driving the ecosystem forward – I put it through the lens of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. What excites me though is the way Sportageous does it, honing in on the smart, human stories that are really personable. Their unique array of content and editorial is an inspiration to me and I’m looking forward to working alongside them.”

Sportageous’ Co-Founder Zushan Hashmi added: “At Sportageous we strive to provide smart content that is unique, original and challenging the status quo. Clint and Bullpen Media’s vision aligns very much with ours, together we will use our unique point of views and perspectives to expand and elaborate on the stories and journey’s of sports entrepreneurship.

“It is an absolute pleasure and honour for us to collaborate with Bullpen media  who are continuously innovating in the sports entrepreneurship media space in Australia, we cannot wait to kick things off!”

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And now in the spirit of not doing a straight-up press release, we thought we’d turn the gaze back on ourselves and put a few fast Q&A’s at each other.

What excites you about collaborating?

  • Clint VojdinoskI: Sharing a mutual interest in developing unique human interest stories in sport. 
  • Zushan Hashmi: Collaborating with Bullpen and Clint to learn and indulge further into the sports entrepreneurship editorial space.
  • Furqan Ur Rehman: Sharing the word about people who are taking sport forward with their exciting ideas, inventions and innovations.
  • Hassan Ajmal: To explore and share genuine stories in the sporting world.

A sport we could personally improve at?

  • CV: For me it’s golf. I just want to be handy at it!
  • ZH: Definitely, team sports, I enjoy solo sports way more, and have always found it more challenging to play soccer or cricket 
  • FR: Squash and Tennis - whenever given the chance I’ve done great in those sports but never had the chance to play much. 
  • HA: Table Tennis - I’ve never taken it like a pro sport. I would love to play it more often because it is a high-Intensity sport that helps you improve your stamina, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and your focus.  

Favourite sporting moment?

  • CV: 16th November, 2005 – Australia v Uruguay, World Cup playoff second leg. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
  • ZH: Witnessing Australia winning the 2015 Asia Cup against South Korea in Sydney
  • FR: Andres Iniesta’s last minute screamer against Chelsea in 2009
  • HA: Pakistan winning ICC Champions Trophy against India in 2017

Stadium(s) I’d like to visit?

  • CV: I’m partial to atmosphere so I’d like to experience a Borussia Dortmund home game (Professional German football in general would be wonderful to experience), or matches at La Bombonera or Estadio Monumental.
  • ZH: As a Gunner going to the Emirates is always a joy for me.
  • FR: I’d have to pick Camp Nou over anything else
  • HA: Old Trafford because I used to be a big Manchester United fan and Melbourne Cricket Ground
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Sports books to recommend?

  • CV: Pitch Invasion: Adidas, Puma and the Making of Modern Sport by Barbara Smit ZH: Soccerconomics by Simon Kuper
  • ZH: Soccernomics - Simon Kuper
  • FR: My turn - the autobiography by Johan Cruyff
  • HA: The Cricketer, Celebrity, Politician - Imran Khan by Christopher Sandford

Favourite sport to play (if you had to pick one)?

  • ZH: I love climbing, I live and breathe the sport, it gives me freedom like nothing else.
  • FR: I don’t get a chance to play now but I’d pick two here: cricket and football.
  • CV: It’s football, and I’m going to try and play to 45. I’m also partial to playing tennis.
  • HA: I’d pick cricket and badminton. 

A sport you’ve never played but would love to try?

  • FR: Climbing - yep, guilty!
  • ZH: Definitely, tennis!
  • CV: Can I say virtual motorsports!
  • HA: Snowboarding puts good use to the cold. I’d love to try it for once.


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