Season 1

Episode 4

Kyra Condie: Secrets to Success!

Episode 4 of the Sportageous Podcast features professional climber, Kyra Condie from the US climbing team. Referred to as ‘Reckless Abandon’ by sport climbing commentators, Kyra is renowned for her willingness to take risks while climbing. In this episode, Kyra talks about how she started her climbing journey in Minnesota, what her career has on the horizon, and how she is preparing to qualify for the Olympics. Kyra also tells us about her favourite Netflix show, and what she enjoys watching in her free time. She talks about what she has coming up on her climbing schedule, what it will be like to compete at the Olympics (taking to note that this podcast was recorded prior to her Olympics qualification) and also tells us about her training regime. This includes her diet, fitness and the work that goes on behind the scenes before she climbs.

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