Why should Kids play a sport or two

Playing a sport has a lot of benefits for kids, from better fitness to improved concentration at school. Taking part in outdoor activities, like sports, can help kids to explore and develop new skills, which will be useful to them throughout their lives. When kids play a sport sport, they will be exposed to different mental, social, emotional, physical, and educational benefits. 

kids playing sport
Kids playing football

Developing Self-Esteem

Taking part in a sport is a great way for children to build their self-esteem and their confidence. The traditional gestures of congratulating each other in sports, like high-fiving a teammate or getting a pat on the back or a handshake when a game has finished all help to build some confidence. Being praised or encouraged by a coach or other players will help to build self-esteem. Sports can also help children to learn to trust in their own skills and to push themselves to improve. 

Make sure you remember that their self-esteem should not be built on whether they win or not.  Giving some constructive feedback can play a big role in helping children to accept that they aren’t good at everything. In order to encourage the right kind of self-esteem you can encourage your child to play sports, and always ask them whether they had fun or not, rather than whether they won or lost. 

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Social Skills

Playing a sport helps your child to develop important social skills. Playing sports teaches them how to be in a team and work with others. They can learn to interact with people from different backgrounds and ages. Team sports can give a sense of belonging, and help them to make friends, whether they find people to play with or people to talk about rugby news with. With a wider circle of friends, children can start to improve their communication skills, which will help them in their future relationships as they grow up. 

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Accept Defeat

Through sports, your child can learn good sportsmanship. They will learn to accept defeat graciously and cope with losses instead of feeling deflated and giving up. You can’t always win, and through sports, your child will be able to learn that it’s okay to lose. The important thing is trying again after a loss. 

It’s ok to be competitive, but if you lose, it’s important to be a good sportsman, and accept defeat. Nobody likes to spend time with a sore loser. 

Maintain Discipline

Any sport needs discipline. This could be mental, physical, or tactical discipline. To be good at any sport, you need discipline. If you don’t have good discipline, it will be hard to do well in a sport. Being disciplined helps a player to reach their goals and achieve their fullest potential. 

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In sports, children need to follow rules, take orders, and accept the decisions made by the coach. Good discipline is rewarded in sports, and bad discipline is penalized. By listening to the coach and their teammates, your children can learn an important life skill to which will help them in life as they grow up. 

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