Arieb Azhar

Arieb Azhar is a folk, sufi, enthusiast musician, who is connected to the world of media longer than many have been in Pakistan. He is the son of Aslam Azhar who is widely renowned as the father of Pakistani Television. Before Arieb’s coke studio stardom, he was making waves in Croatia as the frontman of an Irish band Shamrock Rovers, but his love for his culture, roots and folk music brought him back to Pakistan.

Nirmal Roy 


MRKLE, is a multi-dimensional musician and producer. He has worked with several artists such as Osama Com Laude and Daniyal Zafar. MRKLE has also the ethnography of music and enjoys the relationship that blossoms between sports and music around the world. In this episode, he talks about the performance culture that exists in Pakistan, the growth of genres in the country such as Hip hop and rock, and tells us about how he got involved in music production. An episode not to be missed, especially if you want to hear from a musician who not only enjoys the art and form, but has also studied it, while also being an avid sports fan.

Nirmal Roy 

You probably know of Nirmal Roy, from her famed hits such as Aala Bali and Jindjaani on Coke Studio. She, however, is so much more than those songs! From singing for film OSTs like Raunaq-e-Aashiqui for Punjab Nahi Jaungi to playing basketball all through school. In this episode, she talks to us about her journey as a musical artist and her passion for women in music and sport. Nirmal also tells us about her favourite musical genres, favourite artists and of course, how much she loves hip-hop. This is an episode not to be missed, especially if you want to hear about her story from when she was a quiet and shy individual who loved to sing, all the way to becoming a professional artist and eventually a musical star!

Osama Com Laude (OCL)

Osama Com Laude (OCL) is one of the pioneers of hip-hop and rap in Pakistan. He is also a medical doctor and an avid sports fan. In this episode of Sportageous Vinyl, OCL talks about his love for basketball, the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, the WWE (all his favourite wrestlers and matches), and of course, his music career. All the way from who he sees as the next big thing in Pakistani hip-hop to how he blames Gully Boy for its negative impacts on the genre in the region and much much more. OCL also performs an exclusive freestyle for us on the podcast, talks about potential acting gigs and makes a HUGE public announcement for the very first time.

Hasnain Ali (Auj)

Hasnain Ali of Auj is so much more than just the bassist of Auj. He has great adventures to share from his ventures into the world of deep sea swimming, and he also enjoys wrestling. We talk about his experience as a bassist and what’s next with Auj. Find out everything about him, his sports interests and his music career in this episode of Sportageous Vinyl.

Dave Benedict of Default | Bonds of Mara

Dave Benedict rose to fame with his band Default, which sold over a million records worldwide. Their songs have also graced sports including wrestling and NHL. Although, music meant that Dave had to focus solely on music, in this episode we discuss the sports-music connection, Default’s reunion and his new band, Bonds of Mara.

Ahmed Zawar of E Sharp

Ahmed Zawar needs no introduction. Hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, he impressed the audience at season 4 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands with strong performances. What a lot don’t know is that Ahmed is also a devout cricket follower, press play to hear as we take you on a journey of music and sports

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