Tazkia Dornes on how she Fell in Love with Cricket from Bollywood Films

Indonesian women’s cricketer, Tazkia Dornes talks about how her passion for the sport began, and her hopes to see the sport grow in her country.

Tazkia Dornes with herCricket team
Tazkia Dornes with her Indonesian Cricket team. Source: https:/criclubs.com

Zushan Hashmi: When one thinks of Indonesia, cricket definitely does not come to mind. How did you get into the sport?

Tazkia Dornes: I watched Bollywood films and am a big fan of them. Once I saw cricket being played, I was immediately interested, because it seemed familiar to the films I watch.

What has it been like playing the game? Why do you enjoy it?

It gives me a different feeling.

It feels like I always imagine myself playing well, and in the sport I can maximize the chance I have.

You predominantly play as a bowler, can you tell us a little bit about the games you’ve played, both domestically and internationally?

One time in Vanuatu, I bowled in the last over and the batsman who was facing me hits all the balls I bowled with big shots. I then learned that I needed to grow to be a better bowler. I have enjoyed every game I have played domestically. 

Is there much opportunity to play cricket in Indonesia? Where do you usually play, and how is the game funded?

Since it is a rare sports, there are a few opportunities. I usually play in province region and the games are funded by  and sponsored by the national sports council association; KONI, and Indonesian cricket association.

What do you do outside of cricket, as I assume it isn’t sufficient enough to make a living by solely playing the game?

I am a student and I am funded my small fnb business located in my house. 
I don’t think it can be my only resources to make a living, I still need to apply myself in certain job I am capable at.

Do you have any series/games lined up in 2021? Can you tell us about them?

Not since the pandemic unfortunately, but we have a huge national championship in September-October it is PON XX (pekan olahraga nasional) and actually it was delayed from 2020.
Headshot of Tazkia Dornes
Headshot of Tazkia Dornes in her cricket uniform. Source: https:/criclubs.com

Who are some of the players you look up to and follow?

I followed Deepti Sharma, Sarah Taylor, and Natthakan Chantham.

What would you say to young women in Indonesia, looking to pick up the game of cricket?

Don’t stop here, do it until Indonesia’s flags rise in the 1st podium in any championship.

Besides cricket, what do you get up to? (ie. what are your hobbies)?

I love to cook, for example I like to make desserts because I like sweet things. 

Any other thoughts/comments?

I hope everyone who lives in Indonesia wants to know more about cricket and want to play cricket so, cricket will become more popular in Indonesia like soccer, badminton, and anything else. 

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