Genevieve Lacaze Podcast

Season 1

Episode 20

Genevieve Gregson: The steeplechase to Tokyo and everything in between!

Genevieve Gregson, Australian Steeplechase record holder and Olympian chatted with us about her career, her injuries and how she’s overcome them to become the best in the country! Genevieve Gregson holds the Australian record in the women’s steeplechase and has represented her country in London and Rio. In this episode, she talks to us about overcoming injuries and getting ready for Tokyo 2020. She goes into detail about how she started running, and what it was like to study for college in the US, where all her sports needs were taken care of. Not to mention, her final race at University was days before qualifying for London, which almost didn’t happen. Her story is one not to miss, and her story of persistence and dedication is as inspiring as you could imagine!

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