EP 4: Osama Com Laude on Basketball, WWE & his music career


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Osama Com Laude (OCL) is one of the pioneers of hip-hop and rap in Pakistan. He is also a medical doctor and an avid sports fan! In this episode of Sportageous Vinyl, OCL talks about his love for basketball, the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, the WWE (all his favourite wrestlers and matches), and of course, his music career!

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All the way from who he sees as the next big thing in Pakistani hip-hop to how he blames Gully Boy for its negative impacts on the genre in the region and much much more. Osama Com Laude also performs an exclusive freestyle for us on the podcast, talks about potential acting gigs and makes a HUGE public announcement for the very first time!

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Zushan Hashmi is a sports enthusiast who works in the policy space in Australia. He is an avid fan of climbing, football, cricket and all things sport. You can follow him here on Twitter.

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