EP 5: Nirmal Roy on Coke Studio, basketball & her love of rap


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You probably know of Nirmal Roy, from her famed hits such as Aala Bali and Jindjaani on Coke Studio. She, however, is so much more than those songs! From singing for film OSTs like Raunaq-e-Aashiqui for Punjab Nahi Jaungi to playing basketball all through school. In this episode, she talks to us about her journey as a musical artist and her passion for women in music and sport.

Listen to MRKLE in Episode 6, here.

Nirmal also tells us about her favourite musical genres, favourite artists and of course, how much she loves hip-hop. This is an episode not to be missed, especially if you want to hear about her story from when she was a quiet and shy individual who loved to sing, all the way to becoming a professional artist and eventually a musical star!

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