Khalid Khan: The story of golf in Pakistan

Khalid Khan is a pro-golfer from Pakistan. In this exclusive, he shares his insights into the game and the challenges that come with it in his country.

Khalid Khan plays golf in pakistan

It’s a pleasure talking to you Khalid, so tell us how it all started, how did you get into golf?

My elder brother is a professional golfer, I used to go with him to the golf course and from there I started playing golf.

What is golfing like in Pakistan? Are there a lot of pro golfers in the country?

Golf is getting popular day by day here in Pakistan, we have around 300 professionals at the moment, and yes, we do have 40-50 pros on the rise.

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What do you do outside golfing?

Nothing else. Golf is my life and my passion.

Khalid Khan's older brother, who was also his coach and mentor
 Khalid’s brother has been his coach and mentor.
Is golf an expensive sport in Pakistan?

Well, it is expensive sports all over the world but in Pakistan, it is more expensive because of the lack of individual sponsorship.

How do you train for pro golf?

Well, I spend around 8-9 hours a day at the golf course, I play 18 holes and the rest of the time I practice on the range.

Which cities are the major hubs of golfing in Pakistan?

Lahore and Karachi

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Khalid Khan with his friend at the Raya Pakistan Open 2019

Who are your favourite golf players local and international?

Ahmed Baig (Pakistan) and Rickie Fowler.

What are the major golf tournaments in Pakistan?

We have the Asian Tour, Asian Development Tour Matches and then the CNS Open, CAS Open and Bank Al Habib Open, which are the major tournaments in Pakistan.

How early do you start preparations and training for a tournament?

I prepare myself for the whole year but for the tournament, I start my preparation once I get confirmed for the tournament.


Tell us about the hole-in-one you recently made in the Prime Minster Golf Championship 2019, what was going through your mind before you went for the swing?

I thought this is my last chance and I have to hit the best shot that I possibly can. The rest was all left up to luck.

What are the challenges of becoming a pro-golfer in Pakistan? And what would you say to budding golfers in the country?

To become a pro they need to work harder as we have a very small pool of players here in Pakistan and believe me, there is no chance of making a big mistake in our country, our pros are very good. So if they work hard they will overcome all these challenges.

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Nadeem Durrani of Rupal Expeditions

We would like to thank Nadeem Durrani (pictured above), for providing us with an introduction to Khalid. Nadeem is the founder of Rupal Expeditions and is based in London, United Kingdom. He is passionate about sports and enabling young athletes to find opportunities and exposure.


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