EP 6: MRKLE - From music ethnography to making hip hop beats and cricket stories


MRKLE, is a multi-dimensional musician and producer. He has worked with several artists such as Osama Com Laude and Daniyal Zafar. MRKLE has also the ethnography of music and enjoys the relationship that blossoms between sports and music around the world.

Listen to Episode 5 with Nirmal Roy, here or tune in, to episode 7 with Arieb Azhar.

In this episode, he talks about the performance culture that exists in Pakistan, the growth of genres in the country such as Hip hop and rock, and tells us about how he got involved in music production. An episode not to be missed, especially if you want to hear from a musician who not only enjoys the art and form, but has also studied it, while also being an avid sports fan.

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Zushan Hashmi is a sports enthusiast who works in the policy space in Australia. He is an avid fan of climbing, football, cricket and all things sport. You can follow him here on Twitter.
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