Edward Van Gil Street Fotballer

Season 1

Episode 7

Edward Van Gils: Streetkings – The Man who brought street football to the mainstream

When you see Edward Van Gils for the first time, you may assume he is a tough guy who you probably do not want to chat with. One conversation will change all of that, we guarantee it! Edward Van Gils has dedicated his life to two things: street football, and empowering the marginalised youth. To achieve this he founded Streetkings in 2010 and now consists of clinics in over 25 locations across the world. Additionally, he talks about his documentary series, Streetkings in jail, features some of the top football stars, and their support to prisoners through street football. This candid discussion with Edward covers everything from street football, 11-a-side football, American hip-hop culture, critiques of the media industry, working with the youth, football skills and techniques, and of course Edward’s life from the streets to the main-stage. This podcast includes a story of disappointment, rising from the ashes, success, sheer honesty and a whole lot more. And to cap it all off, we also asked Edward a whole lot about his appearance as a non-playable character in FIFA 20s Volta story mode!

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