The Biggest International Sporting Events in 2021

The past year has been one of a lot of uncertainty for sports fans, saying that much is an understatement. However, if you were worried about the state of live events going into the summer of 2021, then worry no more. Here are some of the biggest international sporting events coming up in 2021!


The Euros

A goal keeper kicks the ball

After being delayed for a year, it is time for the Euros to make their triumphant return, bringing the return of international football to our screens, with France and England serving as the favourite right now.

Many were shocked and saddened to find that the 60th anniversary of the tournament was not going to be honoured on the year of its actual anniversary. However, the boots are returning to the pitch now, with the name “Euros 2020” still being kept as a way of paying respect to the milestone.

World T20Indian crickets celebrate win on cricket pitch

The second-largest sport in the world, cricket, was meant to host its Twenty20 or T20 World Cup 2020 in Australia. However, with COVID striking the world hard, the game was pushed, and hosting rights were transferred over to India.

The country itself has seen a very terrible time dealing with the coronavirus, and while the hosting location is up in the air (potentially the UAE), the tournament is definitely going ahead later this year! India, Australia and England are definitely favourites, but current champions, such as the West Indies, and the dark horses, Pakistan, are definitely going to give the teams a run for their money!

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WimbledonNovak Djokovic hits a tennis ball. The crown jewel and the biggest international sporting event in tennis

All the favourite names, including perennial favourite Andy Murray, will be making their return to the grass as the oldest running tennis tournament is set to make its glorious return.

There’s drama as there is every year, this time with efforts being made to prevent Roger Federer from withdrawing from the tournament entirely. However, there is expected to be a reduced capacity crowd in order to help with the social distancing efforts.

The Tour De France

Tour de France - The biggest international sporting event in cycling

One of the most exciting races in Europe is set to make its return with a new route as the Tour De France is set to go ahead this year after the drama of the postponed 2020 race (which did still manage to go ahead.)

However, this year is set to see quite a major change as the cyclists are starting from a Grand Depart in Brittany, rather than Copenhagen, where it was originally supposed to have begun from, due to date changes.

The Lions ToursA rugby scrum of players

One of the strongest international traditions in sport outside of World Cups, rugby is getting back on the plane as there will be a three-Test series for the first time since 1997.

Look to for more information as the British and Irish Lions pit themselves in what is sure to be furious competition against the world champions in South Africa. What with the recent drama over how rugby was to be televised, many will be glad to see the return of this event.

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The Olympicsthe old school olympic podium - The biggest international sporting event

Starting just before the Lions Tours is the most hotly anticipated and also the most uncertain event of the year. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are still set to go, though it is worth keeping up with updates on the Olympics website to get the latest news as there are still major safety concerns about athletes, after having been postponed from last year.

Needless to say, there is still some uncertainty about how some of the events mentioned above might proceed. However, after a year, every precaution is being taken to make sure they can go smoothly, so keep your eyes peeled.

While we missed a lot of sport in 2020, all the sports fans will have their mouths watering in excitement for the biggest international sporting events in 2021 across football (soccer), cricket, rugby, tennis, cycling and of course, The Olympics!

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